Hokkaido Black Bread Loaf

Hokkaido bread, isn't it something familar to you? Hokkaido bread is actually bread made with a famous local dairy product of Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido milk is very popular among the Japanese because of the rich & creamy milk flavour of the dairy itself. As for us who are staying far away from the land of Hokkaido Milk, so what do we do! No worries, we can always substitute with something else. So, let see what I have here..... not a common one but a complete black bread!
Ingredients :
550gm bread flour
50gm black sesame seeds powder
2 tbsp milk powder
2/3 tspn bamboo charcoal powder (edible)
1 tbsp yeast
4 tbsp sugar
1 tspn salt
250gm milk, lukewarm
150gm thick cream
1 egg, lightly beaten

Method :
(1) combine milk, cream, sugar and yeast, leave aside for 10 mins.
(2) in another big mixing bowl, combine all remaining dry ingredients and mixed well.
(3) then stir in yeast mixture & egg, mix to form a soft dough.
(4) knead the dough till elastic, roughly about 10 mins.
(5) then cover and leave to proof for an hour.
(6) pouch out the air and divide into 4 portion.
(7) roll into balls and set aside, covered for 30 mins.
(8) now flatten dough, fold both side and roll it up like a swiss roll.
(9) place rolled dough into a 10x4.5x4.5" bread pan, proof for another 45mins or untill dough reached 80% of the tray.
(10) finally, bake at 170'C for 40 mins with opened or covered tray. Brush on egg glaze if using uncovered pan.

So, how do you like the colour of true black?

From the info I have, they even making beer milk from Hokkaido milk. They called it as 'BILK'! No kidding! Want to know more? Click to read here. The bread is truely soft even without the used of butter. And the aroma of black sesame is a plus, simply wonderful. Hope you will like it.

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