Hungry in Cholula [2] (Puebla, PUE; Mexico): Blue Corn Quesadilla De Huitla Y Flor

A Quesadilla in Cholula
Una Quesadilla Chula De Cholula: Huitlacoche, Squash Blossoms, Epazote

With my appetite already ultra whet by that nutty Tejate, I was ready for a day of seizing (strike through) eating the day. Unfortunately, my dads eyes were full and gleaming, he had spotted the towns landmark church, Santuario De La Virgen De Los Remedios at the peak of the mountain. This meant I had to eat somewhere fast; his religious fascination timer was lit.

la capilla de cholula
La Capilla Del Pueblo: Zeroed In By Pops

But the tarps never fail me. They started to show up in the near distance. Bright colored tarps set up anywhere in Mexico is like a flair shot in the air signaling vendors of some kind, more than likely they are going to include some sort of food. You will be enchanted by the Mexican work ethic as soon as you walk in to their shouting distance, go with you?re your gut or number of people eating at the booths?no matter how many rhythmic, trance-like ?Amigo, Se Venden _________? chants you hear, feel free to pass on by.

Cholula, Puebla-Welcome Shot
Food Yonder: Hay Por La Esquinita

We hit the uphill entrance of the church, right in front of a full-on corner of Blue Corn Quesadilla action. There were three layers of vendors, I walked all the way in but decided on the first one in line?their Huitlacoche looked the least muddiest.

Virgen De Remedios Bendicenos (Cholula, Puebla)
The End Of The Line: It Was Quesadillas or Nothing

We were sat and they took my order. It was to be my usual ?de flor, Huitla y poco quesillo?, that?s poblano short order cook lingo for a quesadilla stuffed with Squash Blossoms, Huitlacoche and really easy on the Quesillo. The tangy, string cheese of Oaxaca that melts just splendidly.

Faster than you can say Huitlacoche 10x, my order had arrived.

Una Quesedilla In Cholula (Dressed)
Thin, Blue And Strapping: Las De Cholula, Puebla That Is

Its complexion was even, with delightful extra toasted splodges and a deep, blue sea of evenly cooked Masa. Steam gently exited the dense, blue tortilla as I picked it up and contemplated this gorgeous mother grain. Blue corn doesn?t just look more stunning but also packs a nutritional punch, filling you up faster with its bigger, starchier kernels than that of yellow and white varieties. Nonetheless, this study on masa was light and pliable.

It was delicately stuffed with the supple sautéed ingredients. Since Huitlacoche was up in the mix, there was also to be fresh, slender Epazote leaves stanking up the party with its taming, tantalizing aroma too.

Tear dropped dots of the pulpy green magma Salsa Verde completed this artful turnover. The huitlacoche tasted just how it looked, earthy, pronounced and strong. It was still attached to the infected corn kernels from which it was bore from/ dark. The squash blossoms were vegetal and springy tasting of faint squash, the total opposite of Huitlacoche. This pairing deserves to go up there with vanilla and chocolate, champagne and caviar etc. Serio.

Una Peregrinacion In Cholula, Puebla
La Guadalupana

And look at that, we ate these things so fast that my dad managed to catch a live Perenigracion all the way up to the church. This is when a bunch of parade all the way up to a church with a huge altar or frame of the Virgin Mary. Not an uncommon site in the motherland at all.

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