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I actually got a hot tip about Lobby’s Beef, Burgers, Dogs from one of my readers!!  What a good tip to get.   I’ve been very behind on being able to review restaurants due to my child’s health issues.  However, things are getting much better and I’ve been able to get out a little more, so Lobby’s has been on my list for months now, and I needed to check it off. 

Lobby Syregelas grew up in Chicago, and his family had always been in the restaurant business. Already owning Butterfields Pancake House, he knew his entreprenuership was not over.  He had fond memories of enjoying beefs at Portillo’s and wanted to share the love of Chicago style beefs, burgers, and dogs in the valley of the sun.  When you walk into Lobby’s you automatically feel the love and the passion from Lobby as he is up at the register greeting all of his customers.  “Hi there, this your first time here?” The first thing Lobby will say to you…if it is your first time, he will then explain the simple, but all homemade menu to you and offer suggestions.  He’s such a nice guy and his passion for this restaurant shows in everything they do.

My husband Jeremy really wanted to do the Lobby’s 3lb burger challenge. Ten years ago he had conquered a 96oz steak challenge in Tucson at the Texas T-Bone, so he figured a 3lb burger would be nothing! I wanted to try a single burger out myself and then at the last minute I added a maxwell sausage because I love caramelized onions.  Can’t forget an order of Chicago style fries, cooked up in older oil that gives them a deep color and great flavor.  Lobby only cooks french fries in his fryers and nothing else so they taste perfect every time. 

Mario putting J's 9 patties on the grill

Owner, Lobby Syregalas presenting the massive meat!

before the timer started

Jeremy had  ten minutes to finish this massive burger.  It was hot, temperature wise, and big…but I still thought he had this in the bag!! However, after seven minutes only 4 patties were down and I feared the worse.  I tried to encourage him, told him he had three more minutes and it was time to hustle…but he just couldn’t make it happen. He told Lobby that the meat was so good that he couldn’t eat it too fast..he was actually enjoying the flavor of the beef so much. 

get a load of that toasty bun and all that cheese

Lobby prepares all of the items on his menu when you order them, every morning they ball up their fresh ground beef even bigger than 1/3 lb so that when they cook it , you’re truly getting 1/3 lb.  Lettuce, tomato, your choice of real cheese, and even homemade pickles he orders from Chicago.  Lobby also makes a simple sauce that goes onto all of his burgers.  I’m tasting mayonnaise, ketchup, and cayenne pepper, he says I’m partially correct, but won’t spill the beans.  Another thing I love are the buns..not your normal sesame seed bun, it’s a lighter bun and the grill master Mario butters them and toasts them on both sides so when you take a bite, you immediately taste the toasted seeds…IT’S SO GOOD!!!

I’m not gonna lie, I ate my whole 1/3 lb burger, the maxwell dog and the fries.  Maybe I should have taken that challenge, lol.  Lobby’s maxwell was the bomb!  The onions were caramelized when I ordered it in real butter and you could totally taste it, I was hooked.  The bun was a traditional Chicago style poppy seed bun, yum.  The fries are a crinkle cut, and normally I really don’t like any crinkle cut fries, but these browned right up and with a little salt tasted delicious, no ketchup needed.

I can definitely say that this is now my favorite Chicago style eatery in the Phoenix area.  Simple menu, fresh ingredients, and quality you can taste!  I’m already craving another bacon cheddar burger and thinking about asking for those caramelized onions on top, YUM!

You better listen to Lobby!


The Maxwell


Lobby’s Beefs, Burgers, Dogs

3141 S McClintock Rd ? Tempe, AZ 85282

phone 480-897-1113

fax 480-897-1115

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