Cragnon Shrimps with tomatoes (Grijze garnalen met tomaat)

Main Dish
2 servings
30 min
Very Easy




  • Take the tomatoes and cut the head off
    take all what's inside out of it with a knife
    poor some salt and pepper in it and turn it on his head so that the juices comes out
    clean the Shrimps under water
    drip out
    add some mayonaise, salt and peper
    take the shrimp-mayonaise mix and put it in the tomatoe

    !!! if you use fresh Cragnon Shrimp: you need to cook them in hot water add salt and pepper !!!
    Cragnon Shrimp is a shrimp that you can find in the North Sea. His color when he's cooked is grey and not pink like the other shrimps


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