Ddukbokki (korean spicy rice cake)

Main Dish
4 servings
15 min
10 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
300 gms ddukboki

8-10 pieces fish cakes

4-5 tbsp gochuchang or topokki sauce

2 cups of water

1-2 tbsp brown sugar

1-2 tbsp gochugaru

1 handful of spring onions

1 handful of leeks

2 tsp sesame oil

sesame seeds


  • Take out the rice cakes from the package, cut them into 3 inches long, and soak them in cold water for a few minutes to soften.
  • Some ddukboki comes in prepared cut size, and in different shapes too. In the meantime, fry your fish cakes to golden brown. Drain, and set aside.
  • Boil two cups of water, then dunk in the soften rice cakes. Let it simmer for 3 minutes, try to poke the rice cakes if they're soft enough.
  • Once they're done, drain the rice cakes, but save the boiled, starchy liquid for the sauce later. Put back the ricecakes and fishcakes in the pan, then add the gochuchang, gochugaru, the onions, and a little bit of brown sugar.
  • Slowly pour the starchy liquid to make the sauce and readjust the taste and spiciness by adding sugar and red pepper paste.


Ddukbokki (Korean Spicy Rice Cake), photo 1Ddukbokki (Korean Spicy Rice Cake), photo 2

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