Easy wheat halwa, kadala paruppu sundal and simple ulundhu thakkali chutney!

By sanghi


- Wheat flour - 1 cup,
- Sugar - 2 cups,
- Butter - 4 tsp,
- Cardomom powder - 1 tsp,
- Cashews for garnish,
- Salt - a pinch,
- Water - 2 cups,
- Orange food colour - 1 tsp.

2. Kadala paruppu sundal:
- Kadala paruppu(Channa dhal) - 1 cup,
- Groundnut/Peanuts - 1/2 cup,
- Turmeric powder - 1 tsp,
- Salt - as needed,
- Red dry chilly - 2,
- Mustard seeds - 1 tsp,
- Asefeotida powder - 1 pinch,
- Curry leaves - 1 string,
- Grated coconut - 1/4 cup.


Step 1

Heat the water and add the sugar and keep aside. Heat butter in a heavy bottomed pan and add the wheat flour and saute till the flour turns light brown and the raw smell goes. Add the food colour. When done, add the hot water slowly mixing simultaneously without forming lumps.

Step 2

When its well cooked and comes like a dough, add some more butter and cardomom powder and convert on a greased plate. Cool and cut in to pieces.

Step 3

2. Kadala paruppu sundal:
Pressure cook the dhal, groundnuts and turmeric powder with little salt. Heat oil in kadai, add the mustard seed, dry chilli, asefeotida powder and let them splutter. Add the curry leaves. Strain and Convert the dhal and nuts in to the kadai, add salt, grated coconut and mix well in medium flame.

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By sanghi

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