Greek bean soup - fasolada

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Greek Bean Soup - Fasolada
Main Dish
4 servings
Very Easy
50 min
521 Kcal




Preparation20 min
Cook time30 min
  • Soak the beans overnight.
  • The next day put the beans in a deep pan with enough water to cover them.
  • Boil them, but before they come to the boil remove with a wooden spoon the froth that comes up to the surface.
  • After they come to the boil simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the beans and drain them in a colander.
  • Put them back in the pan and add enough boiled water to cover them. (about 2 fingers above the surface of the beans)
  • Add all the remaining ingredients and simmer for 1 hour or more ? until the beans are tender.
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for 1 serving / for 100 g
Nutritional information for 1 serving (234g)
Calories: 521Kcal
  • Carbo: 30.5g
  • Total fat: 40.5g
  • Saturated fat: 6.3g
  • Proteins: 7.7g
  • Fibers: 8.5g
  • ProPoints: 15


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