Hello kitty bento box


3 tbsp Japanese cooked rice
4 tsp Salmon
1 tsp chopped Onions
1 slice of Carrot (steamed)
I sheet of Nori (seaweed)
1 piece of corn
1 slice of Red Capiscum
3 Cocktail Sausages (cooked)
½ tsp Extra-virgin Olive oil
½ tsp Mayonnaise
½ tsp Wasabi paste
1 tsp Salt water
1 sheet of Cling wrap


1) Steam Salmon & remove bones. Mix salmon with onions & wasabi.

2) Using fingers, spread some salt water onto cling wrap. Put 2 tbsp of rice onto palm & top with salmon mixture. (Leave some fish for the ears)

3) Add another tbsp of rice to cover & roll into an oval shape. Next, make the ears by using rice & salmon mixture & mould into 2 triangular shapes. Attach firmly to the head.

4) Steam carrots & corn. Cut carrots into flower shapes & capsicum into ribbons. Make the eyes & whiskers using nori. Make about 3 slits on top of sausages. They?ll open up nicely when steamed. Start decorating your Kitty face.

5) Place your finished product onto a lunch box. Add sausages & insert cocktail sticks. Beautify it with your carrot flower & surround the onigiri with green sushi grass sheets!

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