How to make adrak-lahsun/ginger-garlic paste


- Ginger Root 250 g
- Garlic pods- 500 g


Step 1

Wash and scrape the ginger root using a spoon. Wearing gloves, or else your fingers will burn after you finish scraping the whole amount of ginger root. Cut it into chunks.

Step 2

Peel garlic and cut each in half if the cloves are very large.

Step 3

Grind the ginger and garlic together, adding little or no water to help in grinding. It does the job quickly and perfectly.

Step 4

Store in small plastic air tight boxes. Keep one box in the refrigerator and others in the freezer compartment.

Step 5

As the box in the refrigerator finishes, take a box out of the freezer and keep this in the refrigerator for use.

Step 6

Continue doing this till the whole stock of boxes finishes. You can again make Ginger garlic paste and store it the same way. It comes handy in a lot of dishes from the Hyderabadi cuisine.

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