Obama Sushi by Ken Kawazumi

Recently I found this cool Obama sushi make by a famous Japanese Chef in Tokyo. See below the fantastic sushi art presented by Mr Ken Kawazumi, Principal of  Tokyo Academy in Sugamo, Tokyo.

obama sushi
After some trials and errors such as sushi rice quantity, nori length, sushi ingredients etc.. Here is the Obama Sushi. Obama’s skin is Ami (small shrimp) and shari(sushi rice), black sesame seeds for the hair, and kamaboko(processed fish paste) for the teeth.

USA Flag sushi making

Next is American flag portion. The red stripes are made from Maguro Tuna, and the white made from sashimi squid.

Futomaki Sushi Making

A very good idea to utilize the left-over cooked eggs instead of using Uni to create “USA”. It was blended in a food processor then mixed with the sushi rice to make yellow rice. Big saving and no wasting.

futomaki sushi smiley faceSmiley face that also made from the “yellow rice”.

futomaki sushi carNext, see Mr Ken Kawazumi processing one of the small little sushi cars which appear on the main platter. The window is made from cucumber, the car lights are made from burdock root.

Ken Kawazumi Obama Sushi

The final creative products by Mr Ken Kawazumi.

USA, Smiley face, Flag..& it finally created a “V” (victory) for Obama !!

Source : Japan MSN

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