Poached sole and salmon roulade

This is another dish from our new weekly menu, something I haven't done since my training....yes that is a while back. A Sole and Salmon Roulade.

I am not sure why, but sole, Salmon, Spinach. Potatoes and White Wine Sauce just go well together, the flavours bond and the dish is exceptional. It always worked and I never had a bad comment about it. The flavors are subtle but still strong, the go together not against each other. The dish is light, but not really light in Calories as there is a bit of crea


900 g Sole fillet
400 g Salmon fillet
400 ml Cream

30 ml Noilly Prat
30 ml Fish Stock
100 ml White wine
250 ml Cream
10 g Corn starch

1.00 Kg Spinach
50 g Garlic
50 g Shallots
50 ml Olive oil
Salt, Pepper

1.20 Kg Potatoes
50 g Butter
20 g Parsley

250 g Tomatoes
20 ml Olive oil
10 g Basil


Step 1

Blend salmon finely in a blender, make sure it stays cold all the time
Mix in seasoning and cream, season to taste
Clean sole fillet and lay them next to each other on a plastic wrap
Spread teh salmon mix carefully on teh sole fillets
Roll everything like a roulade
Close the ends tight and prick the plastic carefully with a knife. This will help to infuse the roulades with the flavor of the stock

Step 2

Combine ingredients except cream and starch for the fish stock
Poach the roulades in the stock for about 10 minutes, take out and let rest

Step 3

Then boil up fish stock, add cream
Mix corn starch with a little white wine and thicken the sauce

Step 4

Turn the potatoes and boil till soft
Just before serving heat them up, saute in a bit butter and chopped parsley

Step 5

Saute the cleaned spinach, season to taste

Semi dry the tomato with olive oil and seasoning


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