Thai chicken red curry with bamboo shoots and baby corn

Main Dish
5 servings
15 min
20 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 5


1.Red Curry paste - 1 tbsp

2.Chicken Breast cut into bit size - 1 cup

3.Bamboo shoots - 1 can

4.Baby corn - 1/2 punnet

5.Thick Thai coconut milk - 1 can (14 fl.oz)

6.Soy Sauce - 1/2 tbsp

7.Canola oil - 1 1/2 tbsp

8.Salt - to taste


  • Preparation:

    1.Cut the 50 gms of chicken breast into bit size, drain all the liquid from the bamboo shoots wash it with cold water and keep it aside.
    2.You can cut into thin strips or can use as like whole baby corn.
    3.Heat oil in the pot, put the red curry paste ( it will start to splutter) and stir it continuously in medium flame for 5 mts.
    4.Frying the paste in the oil gives dark red colour to the curry and also have to cook the paste separately till the raw smell goes off.
    5.Then add the chicken breast pieces, stir it well till the chicken cooked. ( it will cooks quickly in 5 mts)
    6.Follow with baby corn just stir it for 5 mts in medium flame then add the thick coconut milk, stir it gently until it cooked through for 5 mts.
    7.Now add the soy sauce, bamboo shoots and salt, stir it gently for 5 mts in medium flame.
    8.If you got thai basil leaves can add at finishing time. I didn't added basil in my curry.
    9.Now the Thai Red curry is ready to serve hot with steamed Jasmine rice. On my Hubby's B'day dinner we tasted this Red curry, it came out nice no strong no spices. Very mild and mild curry, cos of we added thick coconut milk it wont allow the curry to be taste strong.
    10.Some people don't like the smell of store bought thai red curry paste taste n smell, so you can try the thai red curry at home.

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