Truffle butter chicken made divine with sous vide

Main Dish
2 servings
5 min
60 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 2

For the Chicken:

2 Boneless Chicken Breasts

4 tablespoons of truffle butter (or any other flavored butter such as thyme shallot)

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

For the mushroom sauce:

1 cup of shiitake mushrooms, sliced into 1/2 inch pieces

4 tablespoons of salted butter

2 shallots, chopped finely

1/3 cups of creme fraiche or heavy cream


  • Set the Sous Vide machine to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It may take up to 30 minutes for it to reach that temperature.
  • Cut a flap halfway through each chicken breast. Lift the flap and place the pat of truffle butter under. Repeat for the other chicken breast.
  • Vacuum seal the chicken breasts individually in a small BPA-free sous vide safe plastic bag. Place each bag in the sous vide machine. Cook for at least 45 minutes.
  • Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large frying pan on high heat. Remove the chicken breasts from the sous vide and the vacuum sealed bags.
  • Crisp them in the pan for 30 seconds on each side. Set aside. Add the salted butter to the large frying pan on medium heat.
  • Add the shallots and the mushrooms and saute until soft and fragrant. Add the creme fraiche and stir well until boiling.
  • Make sure you scrape up the browned bits from the bottom of the pan.
  • Pour on top of the chicken breasts and serve immediately.
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Truffle Butter Chicken Made Divine with Sous Vide, photo 1
Truffle Butter Chicken Made Divine with Sous Vide, photo 2

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