Home made tortilla and chicken tortilla wrap

4 servings
15 min
25 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
Cake flour - 3 cups

Butter - 2 finger size (put together the Index and middle finger on top of the butter and cut it)

Baking Powder - 3 teaspoons

Salt - 1 teaspoon

For Chicken Pattice Tortilla Wrap:

Store bought chicken burger pattice - 1 piece

Crisp Lettuce - few leaves

Sliced red onion - few

Sliced deseeded tomato - 2 pieces

Garlic Mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon

Sweet chilli sauce - 2 teaspoons


  • Mix all the ingredients together in one bowl and rub the butter with cake flour it turns like bread crumbs. Add little bit of hot water ( bearable hot/Drinking hot). Make a soft dough out of it. Now make small rotis or your prefered size.
  • Heat non-stick frying pan and toast the rotis to light brown colour (don't need to apply oil). You can see small bubbles will raise while toasting and the colour of the roti change to light brown colour thats the texture for tortilla.
  • Then cover the tortillas with cotton towel. Now the Homemade tortilla is ready to store and use immediately. Next day just put in microwave for 10-20 secondes then it will come to normal soft tortillas.
  • You can roll the rotis to even paper thin but for tortillas try to roll the rotis little bit thick like our chapathi and big in shape.
  • For Chicken Pattice Tortilla Wrap:
    Bake the chicken burger pattice as in the package instruction and cut into thin strips. Spread the garlic mayonnaise on one side of tortilla and place the chicken pattice strips in the centre of the roti. Arrange the sliced onion, tomatoes, teared lettuce leaves on the chicken strips. Then squeeze little bit of sweet chilli sauce on top of the chicken n lettuce arrangement. Now the Delicious Crispy Chicken Tortilla Wrap is ready to serve.


Home Made Tortilla and Chicken Tortilla wrap, photo 1
Home Made Tortilla and Chicken Tortilla wrap, photo 2


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