Milk Toast (SAF LV1 Levain+ Nissin Super Camelia flour)

From this blog, I've learned a lot about various types of high quality flour,yeasts which produces a totally different taste on bread whether is simple plain toast or country rustic bread.

Been upset by lacking of choice we could source in local specialty store/supermarket owing to the market demand, I first experienced it with fresh yeast hunting, so far could get it from a German grocery store along bukit timah .Isn't it a hassle to travel all the way from east side just to get that little block of yeast ? Understand that Cold storage used to carry them but is moving very slow thus they disappeared from shelves for this reason.

I have to go thru the hassle of getting this Lv1 Levain from a specialty store in Taipei , ordered the various types of Nissin brand bread flour from this site but I must said that the effort is worth
than anything after tasting the baked bread using all these ingredients.

This recipe is using "sponge" method, it took a little longer on 1st & final fermentation/proofing.
I can be proud to shout out that the bread texture & aroma is as good as the toast I bought from "Sun Moulin"

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