Mixed Vegetable Curry | Side dish for Roti | Dry Sabzi (mixed vegetable)

I am not a big Chapathi lover, where us i like to take the phulka from restaurant , I am yet to get a perfect phulka's every day i keep practicing to get a fluffy phulka, some times i get , not every time. Also i am more keen when it comes side dish for phulka. So i wont repeat the same recipe, i keep changing the menu, this time i have got load of vegetables left from my routine cooking. Since i have tried mixed vegetable curry, and mixed vegetable pulao, This time i wanted to try some dry sabzi. 

Also my pantry got some eastern vegetable sabzi powder, without delay i tried with very few ingredients, and it took less than 20minutes, I am surprised to see the result and taste . Its one of the best dry sabzi when u are in hurry as well as left with more vegetables, I have all colourful veggies in my pantry so the whole menu was so colour ful and tasty.
 So off to recipe. 

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 20 minutes
Serves - 4 nos


Mixed vegetables - 2 cups
{I have used red pepper, yellow pepper, purple cabbage, spring onion , potato, green peas ,cauliflower, }
Oil - 2 tbsp +  2tsp
Salt - as required
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Vegetable sabzi masala- 2 tbsp


Clean all the vegetables and wash twice and dry it for 5 minutes, then finely evenly chop all the required vegetables.

  Heat the kadai and add the oil once heat , add all the vegetables, and saute for 5 minutes, first let all the veggies mixes well, then add the required amt of salt, turmeric and sabzi masala, and mix well ,then close the lid and keep the flame in medium flame.

After 10 minutes , just open the kadai and you can see the cooked vegetables, then and there stir for 5 minutes, if you feel the vegetables are not cooked properly , add the 2 tsp of oil and close the lid for 5 more minutes,

Serve it with hot roti, Infact you can keep the veggies inside the roti and roll it and have it.

Make sure all the veggies are finely cut in to thin strips, and long one. So that it will cook properly. I have not added any other sabzi powder, this masala itself is yummy, You can try with other masala's too. Reserve 2 tsp of oil , Do not add in the initial stage if its not cooked you can add the oil and close the lid, Otherwise u wont required that 2 tsp 

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