Mixed fruits and bread halwa

By balkig

  • Mixed Fruits and Bread Halwa
  • Mixed Fruits and Bread Halwa, Photo 2
Recipe type:
Number of serving:
5 servings
10 min
Cook time:
12 min
Ready in:
22 min
Very Easy


- Mixed Fruits (Cut in to pieces) - 1 Cup
- Whole Wheat Bread - 4 (Remove corners and slightly toast in dosa pan with little ghee. No deep frying in ghee needed)
- Dates - 2 (Chopped Finely)
- Cashew - 6 (Finely broken)
- Sugar - 1/2 Cup or adjust to your taste
- Ghee - 4 teaspoons or little more than that.
- Honey - 4 teaspoons (This gave very nice flavour) (Optional)


Step 1

Grind the mixed fruits to a fine paste.(Don't add water). In a pan, add 2 tsp of ghee and then add this paste. Stir well and medium the flame.

Step 2

Stir continously so that it won't stick to the pan. After 5 minutes, add the sugar.

Step 3

Mix well and keep stirring for another 5 minutes. Now, soak the bread pieces in water.

Step 4

Squeeze out the water and then add the bread to the cooking contents.

Step 5

Mix well. Stir continously. Add the chopped dates and broken cashew.

Step 6

Keep stirring till the mixture gets thickened. Finally, add honey and 2 tsp of ghee.

Step 7

Serve hot or chilled.


By balkig

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