Rice flour delicacy(appalu)

4 servings
10 min
20 min
Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu) are an Authentic dish in India Cuisine which are famous for their soft texture and color and of course being not overly sweet. This is an item the whole family can relish and forces you to make again.




  • In a bowl mix rice flour and wheat flour together.
  • On a medium flame heat water in a vessel and also add sugar/jaggery, elachi powder and bring it to bowl till the sugar/jaggery completely dissolved.
  • Add the flour mix slowly stirring continuously with out forming any lumps.
    Once the mix starts to thicken, you can turn off the flame and add 1 tsp of ghee.
  • Let it cool down to the temperature where your hands can handle the mixture.
  • Now heat oil in a kadai.
    Now take a milk cover and apply ghee to one side of the cover.
    Make a small ball out of the dough, keep it it on milk cover and press it uniformly.
  • After that fry them in oil till it turns in to golden brown color.
  • Appalu (rice flour delicacy) is ready.
    Note: Don't let them in to brown as they become very hard after cooling.
    I wish U a safe and yummy cooking. Hope U all enjoyed this recipe plz leave Ur valuable comments.

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Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu), photo 1
Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu), photo 2
Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu), photo 3
Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu), photo 4
Rice Flour Delicacy(Appalu), photo 5



Kanthi, 24/04/2021

Came out very well. very easy fool proof recipe. thanks. how long will they stay good in refrigerator?

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Response anudixit:

They stay fresh for 10 days in airtight container.



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