Paneer Lollipop (?Chicken? drumstick)

Indian Vegetarian Chicken Drumstick (Paneer Lollipop) Recipe

One of the main aims of this blog has always been to make a vegetarian or Vegan version of a non-vegetarian dish possible. Instead of going for the obvious “mock meats” as an substitute, I choose to use more natural and organic substitutes. Nothing against mock meats except that long list of artificial ingredients at the back of those boxes which scares me away! There is enough toxic in the body without even trying – why go and invite more trouble? Then to rectify we pop in more pills which pave way for more side effects. Its an infectious circle which I try hard to stay away from.

Indian Vegetarian Chicken Drumstick (Paneer Lollipop) Recipe

Mostly when the food apes the looks and feel of a non vegetarian dish and which uses similar spices might help to fool the taste buds. Of course, there will always be room for complaints, if(...)
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