Piada: Italian Street Food

Piada; my new love. I can?t get enough of it! In fact, I?m seriously afraid it might be becoming an addiction. But what a lovely addiction it is. If you have not been there yet, you really need to go NOW. The food totally rocks!

Piada is the latest venture and creation of Chris Doody, who, along with his brother Rick, created  Bravo and Brio (BDI). I had the pleasure of meeting Chris a few visits ago. He is very involved; very ?hands on?. I fear I may have gushed when I was talking with him. Oh well, I really, really want a Piada in Gahanna! The Bexley Piada is under construction, and while that is closer than Lane Avenue, I want one literally around the corner from home. Yes, it?s that good!

The concept of Piada is Italian street food. The layout will remind you of Chipotle. The ordering process is the same. Likeness stops there! Every time I have entered Piada I have been immediately greeted with a huge smile and a big hello. That in itself is refreshing. The staff is just great. And they look like they are having a great time. I chatted with a young man who told me that he and his buddy work at both Piada and Bravo. That speaks highly of the owners, I would say. And the ingredients used are high quality and fresh. This is reflected in the finished product.
So you come up to the counter and first you choose among a Piada (which is kind of a wrap, with or without pasta), a pasta bowl, or a salad. In addition, there are Piada sticks that are already made and are heated on the very hot stone that is used to heat the very good bread used in the Piada. These come in artichoke (my personal favorite), pepperoni, ham & cheese and there might be another one that escapes my memory right now. I like to get one of these babies when I?m getting a pasta bowl. Perfect combination! They also offer a variety of sides, including two soups (tomato basil and lobster bisque-both are outstanding!), artichoke dip or calamari fritto misto.
After the choice is made among the three main options, the next dilemma is which grill item to choose. I say dilemma because everything is so good. My go-to item is the grilled chicken that is prepared with rosemary, garlic and lemon. However, the steak is really good, the crispy chicken fritte is crazy delicious, the salmon is yummy, and the Italian sausage is wonderful. All have been perfectly cooked when I?ve had them. The only thing I haven?t tried is the calamari and I plan to fix that oversight the next time I am there!

Moving on, next up is the selection of sauce. Oh my. The hot sauces include a pomodoro sauce, a diavolo sauce and parmesan alfredo. Cold sauces include red pepper pesto, fresh basil pesto and creamy parmesan. Mix and/or match. It?s your playground!
Next up is where you really make it your own! The array of toppings makes me just want to dance! Did any of you see the movie ?Tortilla Soup?? In the movie one of the characters says, ?I love toppings. Sometimes I go to a restaurant and just order toppings.? Well, you really could do that here!

Get a load of this list:

Black olives
Eggplant Caponata
Feta cheese
Mixed greens
Mozzarella cheese
Parmesan Reggiano
Peppadew peppers
Red onions
Tomato basil relish
White beans
See what I mean? And all of that is there for you to create whatever masterpiece tickles your fancy. This is a steak Piada.
Beverages are not boring, either. The Italian teas & sodas are outstanding. I absolutely adore the peach tea. God, I wish I had one of these fountains in my kitchen!
And don?t think that dessert has been forgotten. Piada has the coolest dessert; cannoli chips with chocolate chip cream. Totally yummy!

Chef Jamy Bolling shines at Piada. You can tell this is his baby and he is very proud of it, as well he should be! He has a great smile that just makes you believe this man loves his work.

In case you might be wondering what my favorite combination is, I have a pretty much set standard order. Every great once in a while I might vary, but I always come back to it. I start with an artichoke Piada stick. Then I get a pasta bowl with fresh basil pesto (sometimes I mix in the alfredo), mozzarella, a smidge of parmesan cheese, spinach, artichokes and black olives. Add in my peach tea and I am a happy girl!
One other thing; Piada has a ?pick-up? window. This is not to be mistaken with a ?drive-thru?. Phone, fax or order online, and then swing by the ?pick-up? window and you?re good to go.


1315 W. Lane Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

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