Recipe: Hungarian ?Csoroge? doughnut recipe


Well, when I started this blog, I wanted to include plenty of Hungarian or Eastern European recipes. Sadly it`s not happening much, first of all, I dont get around to cook them much, and seconds these recipes are so well known for me, I always forget they would be more interesting for people reading this blog from outside Hungary. So now I`m putting my foot down, and yes more Hungarian recipes are coming! Yes `Im not going to be lazy about them! Hungarian cooking is delicious, and very different from what I experienced in my travels. Most of the time, the recipes are very easy, also cheap, and most of the time not vegetarian friendly. We love our lard, or just fat, fat and fat, even with bread if you wish!

And baking, we love baking, frying, not caring too much about our health and cholesterols.

So “Csoroge” “Doughnut”, I guess you are asking yourself WTF?? is “Csoroge”. Well in case you are in Hungary once, you are blinking at the menu and feeling confused, lost, and about to start to panic, just relax. Plenty of time the name of the dish represents where, from which region of Hungary its originated to. So “Csoroge”, is most likely from the historical region of “Csorog” or lets say “Hortobagyi pankaces” or “Bugaci salad” or “Vecsesi pickles”

This dish cheap, fast and easy dish, we call as a doughnut, but it`s more like a crisp to be honest. It`s perfect with all kinds of jam, my favourite at the moment is blueberry , but as soon the summer arrives, I`m getting my hands on some raspberry jam..yumm yummy!


6 Egg yolks
1 pinch of  Salt
2 spoons of sugar Sugar
1 spoon of brandy
1 spoon of  white Vinegar
1 cup  flour
half a cup of  Sour cream

1. In a big bowl, mix the flour with the sour cream and the egg yolks. Create a nice and soft dough. Add the sugar, vinegar, and brandy. Mix well, and kneed until smooth. I would say for a good 10-15 minutes.

Roll the dough out, for a clean, bit floury surface, a bit thin, not thicker then your finger.

Cut diamond shapes. Make a whole in the middle, and pull a loop through the middle.

Deep fry, in plenty of oil. Serve with cinamon sugar and jam.


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Mike, 27/08/2021

Reminds me of my Nana kitchen. So tasty with the cinnamon and sugar

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