Roasted Cauliflower Steak with Curry Sauce

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By now you know I have a bit of an addiction to roasted vegetables.  Things like roasted asparagus, carrots and an infinite number of roasted cauliflower recipes.  But these cauliflower steaks take the knobby white vegetable to another level.

Take a look at these slices, they look like artwork on a plate.  How can you resist eating your vegetables when they look this pretty?

These roasted cauliflower steaks are a bit different than my usual roasted vegetables.  The steaks aren’t cooked at a temperature that’s as high as what’s used traditionally for roasted vegetables.  They’re also not cooked quite as long.  This leaves the cauliflower with a bit of it’s still crunchy texture and a light touch of caramelization around the edges.


Cauliflower is a truly versatile vegetable, not just because there are so many things you can do with it, but because it’s chameleon like tendencies allow it work well with so many different flavors.  You see a lot of cauliflower in Indian cooking.  One of my favorite dishes is curried cauliflower.  I haven’t tried to re-create it at home, because I enjoy eating it at our favorite hole in the wall restaurant.  But that curry flavor is a wonderful foil for cauliflower’s sweetness.

While this recipe isn’t exactly curried cauliflower, it’s bathed in a rich and creamy curry sauce recipe that’s super easy to make.  In fact, I’ve been making up this sauce recipe and using it in all kinds of things.  So for now, I’ll keep calling this curried cauliflower (at least at my house).

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