Mexican pizza

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Recipe type:
Number of serving:
4 servings
10 min
Cook time:
15 min
Ready in:
25 min


Refried Beans-3 tblspn
Tomato Sauce-1 tblspn
Salsa- 3 tblspn
Onion-1 tblspn chopped
Tomato-1 tblspn chopped
Capsicum-1 tblspn chopped
Olives-1 tblspn chopped
Sweet Corn-1 tblspn
Mozzeralla cheese-1/2 cup
Oil-1 tblspn
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Preheat the oven to the highest temperature..Mine went to 250 °C(500°F).

Mix refried beans with Tomato Sauce and a tblspn of cheese.Set this aside..

Take the tortilla and apply a thin layer of refried beans on it and cover it with another one tortilla.Brush both sides with oil.

Place this in the high rack of the preheated oven and cook untill the top get crisp,Turn it and cook on the other side till it gets golden.

Take it out of the oven and apply a generous layer of salsa on it and sprinkle with onions,sweet corn,capsicum,tomatoes,olives..

Sprinkle some mozzeralla cheese..Season with salt and pepper..

Put this back in the oven so that the cheese melts and everything gets cooked.

Take it out and cut into wedges..Serve hot..

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