Stir-fried Noodles with Mushroom Nuggets

We love easy Chinese recipes as they are really simple and give great authentic flavours. However as with most celebrity chefs their recipes are meat filled and often meat is the centrepiece. However why should vegans miss out on such good flavours of well-balanced sauces and vegetable stir-fries. So here is a favourite of ours. Last week we had made a great Laksa with some great ingredients we found at Kim Wangs, which is an Asian supermarket in China Town. So we were encouraged by some nice fried tofu, mushroom nuggets and vegan vegetable balls to use as the protein substance for this stir-fry. We sliced the fried tofu and marinaded for about 15 minutes in dry sherry, hoisin sauce, malt vinegar, sugar, light soy sauce and sesame oil. It didn't take long as the tofu absorbed it in an instant.

So that left us time to start on the veggies. We used a variety of veggies including capsicum, onion, spring onions and of course lots and lots of ginger and garlic. We try not to over do the veggies in each stir-fry we make for a couple of reasons. Firstly it takes too long to chop them all after work and secondly we want to make each stir-fry unique. If we added every vegetable to each stir-fry they would become very similar and reduce many different meal options to one. And if you buy good produce then it gives you a chance to enjoy each veggies flavour. We then prepared our favourite frozen vegan products, mushroom nuggets and veggie balls, by chopping them a little or in half.

Just some quick info on the products we were using: Lamyong Vegetarian Mushroom Nugget: Formosa Vegetarian Eating House Vegan Multivegetable Ball: A Taiwanese company. So I guess as everyone knows the secret to Asian cooking is having everything chopped, mixed and ready to go as you don?t get much time when everything is up and running. So we chucked in the tofu, mushroom nuggets and vegetable balls and stir-fried that for a couple of minutes. Once they were cooked we removed them from the wok and cooked veggies.

Then we combined it all together with your favourite rice noodle, added some sauce (dry sherry, light soy, vegetarian oyster sauce, sesame oil) and there you have it Chinese Bliss!!!! So if you?re looking for a really easy and quick meal I suggest you give a veggie stir-fry a go ? adding a few of your own favourite Asian vegan products.

Last tip if you want a good wok just pick up a cheapie from China Town and season it per the instructions (most are Australian made and under $20). They are cheap and quickly pay themselves off rather than the more expensive ones you can buy in retail outlets that are heavy, hard to handle and don't heat up well enough.

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