Teck Kee Cooked Food - Pork Porridge and Noodles with the Best Pork Livers

This is one of the outlets I had meant to blog about a month ago, but for some reason, we always went on a day that they were either sold out or closed.

Undeterred, we finally managed to get there on a Saturday morn (very early indeed!) to try out their very popular pork congee and noodles.

This place is also located at Keban Bahru Market near Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, and don't even think of of going there after lunch, they will have sold out.

They have only 3 items on the menu, pork noodles dry, pork noodles soup and pork porridge. The waiting time is also quite substantial as it took about 20 mins for Pauline and myself to get our food. But it was worth the wait.

Pork Porridge and Pork Liver
This is one bowl that really taste very homecooked, very little MSG and lots of fresh ingredients. The stock used is flavorsome but without overly so, and the key here is the extremely gorgeous pork livers!

Though the helping of livers is not exactly generous, it is the texture that stands out. Outrageously QQ and springy, yet one bite into it and all the pork liverness just explodes into our mouths like fireworks. The pork slices were also very tender within yet springy on the exterior, and very well seasoned too.

Pork Noodles
The pork noodles is not your usual bak chor mee variant, although they do have a dry version. Most folks come here for the soup version, and it is very tasty too. Using the same stock they used for the congee, it is not overly encumbered with MSG so it tastes very natural yet wholesome at the same time.

The pork pieces are similarly delicious and be sure to stir the egg before you start eating. Overall, it is a very refreshing bowl of noodles and is very well suited for a hearty morning breakfast.

Overall, while this stall appeals to an older generation that harks back to a more wholesome and home cooked tradition, it is a standout for breakfast consumption and for pork liver fans, this is an absolute must!

Teck Kee Cooked Food

Blk 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22 #01-23 Kebun Baru Food Market 

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