Aamrakhand- Maharashtrian Mango dessert

'Aamrakhand' means Amra(mango)+ Shrikhand. Shikhand with mango puree into it is called aamrakand.  In most of the Maharashtrian family this sweet dish is prepared during Mango season. You can have this with Puri, it tastes awesome. Instead of Aamras-Puri or Shrikhand-Puri, we can combine both. We have one function at my Aatya's place so we (Usha Aunty, Shashi aaka, swati & myself) prepared almost 7-8 Kg. Aamrakhand. Oh it was really huge.   Now for coming 'AashadhiEkadashi' you must prepare this sweet.


Hung Curd(Chakka) - 250 Gms.

Powder Sugar - 200 Gms.

Mango puree- 1 cup

Warm milk -4-5 tablespoon

Nutmeg powder - 1/8th teaspoon

Chopped almond and charoli for garnishing (Optional).


Most of the cities we don't get hung curd, so the simple way to prepare hung curd is- Take full cream milk's curd in thin cotton cloth. Squeeze it with hand and remove the water. Tie it tightly and hang it over night so all water in curd will drain out.

Now take the hung curd (in Marathi we call it as Chakka) in a big bowl. Add Powdered sugar and mix it neatly. Now add warm milk and beat it for 2 minutes. Then add mango puree mix it very nicely. You can adjust quantity of sugar according to the sweetness of mango. Add nutmeg powder and mix it.  If you want you can add chopped nuts or Charoli. But I usually like it without any nuts. Chill it in fridge and serve it with hot Puris. 

This one goes to Pari's event ‘Only’ Mango, Guest hosted by Anu's Healthy Kitchen.

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