Coconut Flan (egg and dairy-free)

This satin-textured, delicate flan is so easy to make, if you just go and pick up a box of mix by Goya, (or another brand is fine). Goya is egg-free, as well as dairy-free, and the only trick is caramelizing the sugar.  Here is the box you'll want to look for- check the aisle where they sell Mexican products. ?

The instructions are right on the box; I used coconut milk from a can, plus a couple tablespoons of cream of coconut, which you can omit if you didn't pick any up. One box makes 2 - one cup servings, or 4 half cup servings. If you need to serve more, buy an extra box and double the recipe.

You also will need:
1/2 cup sugar
4 - 1/2 cup glass molds, or ramekins
2 cups (minus 2 tblsp if using cream of coconut) Coconut milk
2 tblsp Cream of Coconut (optional)

Follow the package directions. You will add the 1/2 cup sugar to a frying pan, and heat over low heat until it melts and turns golden, as above. Quickly pour this into 2 one cup glass molds, or 4 1/2 cup molds.

Swirl around the edges as well as you can before it hardens like candy. Set aside.

Next, add the contents of the package to a small sauce pan, and stir in the coconut milk, and cream of coconut, if using (to thicken and add a punch of flavor).

Pour this heated mix into your molds.

Allow to cool before placing in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to finish setting. When ready to serve, place the cups or molds into a bowl of warm water, to help release the custard. This also melts the hardened caramelized sugar so it will release from the mold and drip down the sides of the flan for a pretty effect.

It has a wonderful taste and creamy, light-as-custard consistency, plus makes for an impressive presentation. Above, I added a raspberry and powdered sugar, which is quite unnecessary. And for the "golden crown" decoration, I drizzled some extra caramelized sugar onto parchment paper, let cool, and stuck that into the flan before serving.

Impressive, but you can see it sliced right through the delicate flan.  So, that's it - Coconut Flan! Enjoy!

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