Cookbook Spotlight: Huckleberry Cream Tart


If you want to see something that is just ridiculously pretty, you need look no further than through the pages of Deborah Madison's new book, Seasonal Fruit Desserts from Orchard, Farm and Market. If you don't quite believe me, just take a look at the book cover below.

Pretty compelling evidence all on its own, isn't it?

The Cookbook Spotlight - organized by Cath at A Blithe Palate (which is where you can find the roundup of posts soon - this time around was a real joy for me. This book is not only beautifully photographed, but it is also beautifully written and formatted with some really incredible and original ideas.

When I was going through the book, I kept coming back to this one recipe though for a Silky Tart Dough that was left unbaked, then filled with a healthy sprinkling of huckleberries, and then mixture of creme fraiche, eggs and a few other ingredients was poured in.

Honestly, the recipe struck my fancy most because I had never seen or read anything else quite like it. The tart dough is processed together into more of a very thick batter that spreads in the most unctuous and yes, silky, manner and then doesn't have to be baked before the filling is added and when baked is a bit of a cross between a tart dough and thick and sturdy delicious cake layer. The filling itself required very little effort on my part and really just a bowl and a whisk and you can see for yourself how gorgeous the results turned out once baked up.


The Huckleberry Cream Tart was amazing to make - really. I whipped it together in about 20 minutes one morning for breakfast (not including baking time of course - which wasn't too long anyway). Huckleberries are my husbands most favorite fruit on the planet, hands down, so he was pretty thrilled - serious good wifey points for me!

If I had any complaints about the book it would probably be simply that it is a bit devilish to have so many gorgeous ideas for how to use seasonal fruits paraded in front of you... then have to wait for them to come in to season! Of course, that is also part of the fun.

Probably my most favorite part of the book is the fact that Deborah shares so much great information about so many different types of fruit that I really didn't know. I finally feel like I have a good guide to these seasonal gems and many ideas and inspiration to work with to use them, and use them well.


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