Chocole fudge

1 servings
10 min
Very Easy
Chocolate fudge is a simple dessert which could be made of two items . One is Ice cream and the other is Chocolate Syrup. You could also sprinkle with candies , chocolate chips tutti frutti's , Cherries ,or dried nuts.

My version of Chocolate Fudge is for Non - Ice cream eaters like me . My recipe of Chocolate Fudge had a Chocolate Cake ,Whipping Cream and Chocolate Ganache . i substituted Chocolate Cake for the ice cream.


Number of serving: 1

Base :

Chocolate Cake - Recipe

Chocolate Butter Cream / Chocolate Ganache

Topping :

1/4 Cup Double Cream

1 TBLS Icing Sugar

Garnish -Chocolate Ganache

2 TBLS Chocolate Chips

2 TBLS Heavy Whipping Cream


  • Base:
    Put the Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Butter Cream in the mixer .
    Give it a good mix . Scoop it and place it in the dessert bowl.
  • Topping :
    In a clean bowl pour the double cream .
    Whip that up till it is fluffy .
    Lastly add the icing sugar and whip it till it peaks .
    Put it in the piping bag with the preferred nozzle and decorate it on top of the Cake Base.
  • Garnish -Chocolate Ganache:
    In a microwave safe bowl add heavy whipping cream and Semi sweet Chocolate Chips and keep it in the microwave for 15 seconds.
    Using a spatula combine it and mix it really well.
    Allow it to cool .
    Once it is cool down completely . Just pour some Chocolate Ganache on top of the Whipping Cream.
  • Notes -
    I used left over Chocolate cake and chocolate Butter Cream similar way you could use any cake / Butter Cream or Ganache of your choice .

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