Peeps chicks cupcakes

8 servings
25 min
20 min


Number of serving: 8
24 Vanilla/Yellow or Any Flavor Cupcakes

(made from scratch or boxed cake mix)

Favorite Frosting

(made from scratch or store bought)

24 PEEP Marshmallow Chicks or Rabbits

Speckled Mini Malted Milk Eggs

Green Colored Sweetened Coconut Flakes (optional)


  • Prepare your cupcakes, any flavor is fine and any corresponding frosting is fine. Frost all 24 Cupcakes, I colored my frosting a light green.
  • For the colored coconut, drop a few drops of green food coloring to sweetened coconut flakes until "grass" color effect is achieved. They don't have to be perfectly colored green. Roll just sides of cupcakes with coconut, press coconut if any falls off.
  • Place a PEEPS Chick or Rabbit (I prefer the Chicks) on top of each cupcakes and take your mini malted milk eggs and tuck them on the sides of the chick.
  • They're you have one beautiful Spring/Easter Cupcake for all to enjoy and that are very delicious!


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