Pomegranate mocktail & fruity yoghurt

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3 servings
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15 min



Pomegranate Mocktail:

For simple syrup:

Fruity Yoghurt:


  • Pomegranate Mocktail:
    De-seed the pomegranate and reserve some in a bowl. Pulse the rest of them in the mixie to just get a pure extract of pomegranate juice void of seeds. Strain it well and keep it aside. Extract the juice of sweet lime and keep it aside too. Now to make what's known as "simple syrup", start by pre-warming a pan over high heat on your stove top, and adding the sugar and water. Heat and stir until all the sugar is dissolved and you're left with the sticky, sweet syrup. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool. Now comes the presentation part. Coating the serving glass with sugar is the highlight. Take a small plate and spread a thin layer of sugar over it. Run one of the sweet lime slices around the rim of your glass, wetting it with the citrus juice as you go. Turn the glass over and carefully rotate it in the sugar evenly. Take a martini shaker if you have one. Just combine two parts of pomegranate juice with one part of sweet lime and add the simple syrup according to your taste bud's requirement. Mix this well with a spoon and pour it into the prepared glass with some ice cubes. Finally top it with the reserved pomegranate pearls. The addition of simple syrup as well as the proportions are totally upto your taste and the sweetness of the fruits you use.
  • Fruity Yoghurt:
    Dice banana, apple and goa into small sized cubes. Whip the curd into a smooth paste adding adequate sugar to it. Now combine both and serve chilled.
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