Steamed chocolate mudcakes with orange sabayon

2 servings
15 min
30 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 2
40 g extra virgin macadamia oil

200 g cool water

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking soda

150 g Rapadura

260 g spelt flour

25 g cacao powder

pinch sea salt


  • Place all the ingredients into the Thermomix bowl in the order listed and beat for 30 seconds on speed 6.
  • Stir in some dark chocolate chunks or chips if you like.
  • Pour into ungreased silicon cupcake cups and place in the two layers of the Varoma.
  • Pour 1 litre of water into the Thermomix bowl, place lid and Varoma on top, and cook on Varoma temperature, 20 minutes, speed 2.
  • Remove lid and set aside while you make the sabayon.
  • Make sure the Thermomix bowl is clean and dry. Place nutmeg in bowl and grind for 10 seconds on speed 9.
  • Remove from bowl and set aside. 1 whole nutmeg.
  • Mill the Rapadura for 20 seconds on speed 9, until fine:- 80 g Rapadura.
  • Add remaining ingredients to Thermomix bowl and cook for 8 minutes at 80 degrees, speed 4.
  • Now turn the cupcakes out of their cups, place them upside down on a plate, and drizzle over some sabayon. Enjoy!
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