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I love Nabisco Fig Newtons and fig jam. I make a pretty good fig reduction sauce (made with port wine and cinnamon) that pairs beautifully with pork. I have only worked with dried figs or fig jam that I've purchased. My life, as a Fig Newton Lover is forever changed. You see, I have never eaten a fresh fig... until now. Yes, I'm telling you the truth! I have no idea why I never thought to buy fresh figs before. They are much better than the dried varieties!

When I spotted this recipe on "Proud Italian Cook", I knew that that I had to try this. So, off to Whole Foods I went.

I had no idea which figs to buy-- the green ones or the dark ones? I decided to buy the Black Mission Figs. I'll try the green ones, next. I had no idea there were so many varieties!

They sure are photogenic, aren't they?

They're even more interesting on the inside, I thought...all those seeds!

I gathered my three ingredients-- fresh figs, brie and prosciutto. I made sure I chilled a bottle of wine. My husband would surely to be surprised when he got home from work, I hoped.

I found the the figs to be a little confounding on how to eat... do you peel them, or pop them in your mouth whole? I sliced one in half and bit into it. I found it...interesting... a slightly "musky" flavor with a slight crunch of seeds in every bite. The seeds didn't bother me at all, to my relief. I've heard that people can eat these like candy, but I'm still not that sure that I feel that way. Still, I wanted to make this recipe-- that's the whole reason I surf food blogs, I rationalized. I'm trying to think "outside the box" in what I prepare for my family to eat. I'm willing to try almost anything-- except liver, yellow curry or oysters. I just can't bond with those!

I soaked some wooden skewers and I decided to cut them in half. I cut a piece of brie, and wrapped prosciutto around the cheese and fig.

In the meantime, Craig preheated the gas grill for a few minutes. You can use an indoor grill, too.

On the grill, it took about 2 minutes (we brushed olive oil on the griddle) for the brie to melt.

These are ready!

These really look and smell so good!

I poured a glass of chilled white wine and took a bite...

Wow! The sweetness of the figs, with the creamy brie and the saltiness of the prosciutto...

there are two things I would do differently, next time-- if I had a balsamic reduction, I think that would take it one more level up-- lightly drizzled. Last, I realized I could have easily cut skewers from our rosemary bushes! Duh! Next time!

Mmmmmmmmm... these disappeared fast. My son loved them as well! I'll have to find more fresh figs before the season is over.

I also decided to roast the rest of the figs with a little olive oil, salt & pepper. I have an idea that I'm going to experiment with tomorrow. If it works, as I hope, you'll see it on the blog. For now, I am keeping my idea under wraps-- in case it doesn't quite work out.

Yes, my husband was pleasantly surprised! More tapas recipes to share tomorrow...

If you can find fresh figs, I give this lovely recipe idea a high recommendation.
Thanks, Marie, "Proud Italian Cook"! I'll have to try your fig & custard tart. That also looks so good! I bestow, upon you, my badge of recognition!

I'd also like to point out that Stacey has posted a beautiful Arugula & Fig Salad on her blog "Stacey Snacks". This one is also in my queue. If you haven't paid a visit with Stacey, please do! Her recipes are simple, easy to make with great ingredients. She reminds me a lot of my food Goddess, Ina Garten. Like Marie, she's also one of those food bloggers who has that friendly flair by taking the time to answer emails personally. I appreciate that-- and so I try to do the same.

(HOWEVER, some comments that are posted on my blog don't have email addresses or a profile where I can find you to do the same. Yes, that's a big hint!)


Grilled Figs With Brie and Prosciutto on Foodista
Skewered & Grilled Fresh figs, brie and ProsciuttoThis recipe was inspired by the food blog "Proud Italian ...
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