Fook Kin Fried Rice


My friend recommended me to Fook Kin fried rice a while ago, and eversince then I have been craving it. I had the hong kong style Fook Kin fried rice for the first time in a chinese restaurant in Plymouth, the second time around we went there, the old chef has left, the new chef was from China, so he had no idea how to make that! Sigh.. so due to my constant cravings for oriental food, I have to come up with my own recipe.

For those who don’t know, Fook kin fried rice is  Egg fried rice topped with diced shrimp, scallop, BBQ pork, Chinese mushroom & vegetable in a thicken stock.

I have Tiger prawns in the freezer, chicken fillet, choi sum, chinese mushrooms, dried scallops (fresh ones are better) and one last egg on the shelf, hoo-ray! I have got all the ingredients I need to make Fook Kin fried rice. Now it is down to the chef – Me ;) if it turns out well. The most important thing for fried rice is you got to have overnight rice, or like myself, I cook the rice few hours before dinner time, so it is cool down before you start dishing. 





Recipe for 2 meals :

1. Soak mushrooms(6) and dried scallops (4) in water until soft (few hours), do not throw the mushroom water.

2. Cut all the ingredients into small pieces, including the choi sum, chop half a clove of garlic

3. Marinate the prawns and chicken fillet with salt, pepper, soy sauce and bit of sugar, a few drops of sesame oil if you like

4. Beat an egg into a bowl, add salt and sesame oil

5. Fry the rice with beaten eggs, adding salt, soy sauce and bit of sugar to the rice. Leave 1 quarter of the beaten egg aside. I like to add a few drops of shao tsing rice wine to the rice. Set aside.

6. Stir fry all ingredients with chopped garlic separately. Stir fry prawns, followed by chicken, and mushrooms, adding abit of the mushroom water so that it is not too dry, but do not overcook. The prawns and chicken are cooked in less than 3 minutes. Set aside.

7. Get some corn flour ready in a bowl and mix with abit of water.

8. Now mix all the ingredient in a sauce pan, adding the dried scallops, and adding some of the mushroom water, and simmer, then add the remaining beaten egg. When it is almost done, add the choi sum in, followed by corn flour water to thicken the gravy. Add some oyster sauce, and salt to taste.

9. Get your egg fried rice ready on a plate, and pour the ingredients with gravy on to the rice, and it is ready to be served.

You can use other ingredients if you like, but for the best results, you should use prawns, scallops, mushrooms, choisum. Good Luck in trying out.

This is my first time trying to cook Fook Kin Fried Rice, please leave me a comment, let me know what you think ok? Perhaps you can also share with me your recipe :) Thank you.

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