Halloween Cocktails

Recently, I posted a blog about non-alcoholic Halloween drinks for kids but as we all know, Halloween is just as much a holiday for adults as it is for kids. Instead of bringing spooky cupcakes or Halloween truffles to your Halloween gathering this weekend, mix up some creepy cocktail concoctions to share with your adult guests.

Dressing up? Bring a special potion that goes with the theme of your costume. For example, if you are going as Don Draper, you should probably bring the ingredients to make an Old Fashioned. Going as a vampire? A Bloody Mary is more than fitting. Want to bring enough for a crew? Here is a list of  Halloween cocktails that are to die for!

Satan's Whiskers Cocktail on Foodista

Brains! Cocktail on Foodista

Vampire's Kiss Cocktail on Foodista

Halloween Punch With Black Ice on Foodista

More Cocktail Inspiration

Cocktail Culture- Absithe Cocktail

Sloshed!- Hard Pumpkin Cider

Nightschool-Professional bartenders share their secrets

Vintage Cocktails on Facebook

Above photo by TangoPango

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