Homemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu Kanji

Homemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu KanjiHomemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu Kanji

Health Mix Powder / Multi-Grain Powder / Sattu Maavu, a healthy and nutritious powder which can be given to all age group people. I dont think you can give this to a new born, but yes it can be given to kids aged above 1 year. It was my long time wish to prepare Sattu Maavu at home as it is one of my fav Morning Drink. 
Recently i bought 2-3 tamil cookbooks on Kongu Style cooking from Book Fair, and i was all excited when i saw this recipe in one of those books. I have altered the ingredients used in original recipe and added one or two extra. This Powder can be prepared with any combination of below mentioned ingredients. Until yesterday, i made health mix drink with Store-bought Powder but from now on i'm going to enjoy this aromatic drink with homemade flour. I have also shared Peanut Ladoo recipe made with health mix powder. Lets move on to the recipe,

Yields : 1/2 kg Sattu Maavu
Roasting Time : 10-15 mins

Ingredients :
1/2 cup Ragi (Finger Millet)1/2 cup Bajra (Kambu / Pearl Millet)1/2 cup Corn 1/4 cup Barley (Valkothumai)1/4 cup Green Gram (Payatham Paruppu / Moong Dal)2 tbsp Wheat Berries (or) Broken Wheat2 tbsp Oats2 tbsp Brown Rice (or) Parboiled Rice 2 tbsp Sago (Javvarisi / Sabu dhana)2 tbsp Pottu kadalai (Chutney Gram / Roasted Gram)2 tbsp Almonds2 tbsp Cashews2 tbsp Peanuts4-5 Green Cardamom1inch Sukku / Dry GingerSugar & Salt - according to your need
Homemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu Kanji

Method :
Clean Ragi, Bajra, Wheat Berries and Barley from any dust or stone. Dry roast all the ingredients separately except sugar and salt. Each ingredient takes its own time to roast. Make sure to not burn. Roast it on low flame till nice aroma comes. The overall time for roasting was 10-15 mins. Remove from the heat and allow to cool completely.


Combine all the ingredients including sugar and salt in a mixing bowl. Once it is completely cool, grind it in a mixie till smooth powder. You can use mixie for small quantity, but for large quantity it would be better to grind in a mill.Allow the powder to cool down completely and then store it in an airtight container.
Homemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu Kanji
Sattu Maavu Kanji / Porridge :
Serves 2
Overall time : 10-15 mins

Ingredients :
2 tbsp Sattu Maavu / Health Mix Powder3 cup Water1/2 cup Boiled Milk - optionalSugar or Salt - according to your need
Method :
Mix health mix powder with 1/4 cup water and dissolve it completely. Keep it aside.Heat remaining water in a pan and once it starts boiling, add dissolved powder to it. Stir well on low heat.
Add sugar or salt and mix well everything. Let it boil for 2 mins. Add milk and cook again for 2 mins. Remove from the heat and serve hot / cold.
Homemade Health Mix Powder & Porridge / Sattu Maavu Kanji

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Just what I was looking for. I wish this mix is on the market.

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