Barley Kanji / Porridge - Healthy Drink

Barley Kanji / Porridge - Healthy DrinkBarley Kanji / Porridge - Healthy Drink

Barley Water / Kanji, a healthy drink made with Pearl Barley. Barley is a cereal grain rich in protein, vitamin and also fibrous. It is chewy and has a nutty flavor similar to Brown Rice. The pre-soaking of grains reduces its cooking time. I have soaked it for 1 hour but you can soak it overnight. Pearl Barley variety is less chewy and takes less time to cook compared to other varieties. The ratio to cook is 1:2 or 1:3. But i have used 4-5 cup water here. 

The regular intake of Barley Water can control your blood sugar, lowers cholesterol and helps in weight loss / control. I have personally experienced its benefits. I had severe viral fever some 5 years back and it lasted for more than 10 days. I couldn't eat properly and even joints pain started troubling me. One of our neighbor aunt suggested my mom to prepare Barley Kanji. There was a tremendous increase of water content in my body & face was all swollen like a football. She suggested us to try this drink for at least 2 days. Initially i faced a bit trouble because of its bland taste, but after seeing its effect i start loving this drink. I continued it for sometime and then stopped it due to laziness. This is the main problem with us right?? 
          Due to over excitement we try something and later we get bored, which makes us stop doing it. All these years i didnt touch this drink, but for the past 2-3 months i'm facing similar issue with my body and sudden of all water content is increased. I have started to drink this again and i hope will continue it for long time.
         If you are planning to try this drink, then dont take it regularly. Start it with twice or thrice a week and make it regular slowly since we should train our body slowly to take fibrous content.

Serves 1 or 2
Soaking time : 1 hour or overnight
Overall time : 20-25 mins
Ingredients :
2 tbsp Barley (Valkothumai) - soaked in enough water for 1 hour or overnight4-5 cup watersalt or brown sugar - according to your taste
Method :
Clean Barley and soak in enough water for 1 hour or even overnight. Wash it properly and pressure cook with 3-4 cup water for 2-3 whistles.Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Strain the water and keep aside. You can grind the cooked barley with little water.
Heat water along with ground paste and make sure no lumps are formed. Add salt or brown sugar to it. Mix well and let it boil for 2-5 mins. Serve it hot or at room temperature.
Barley Kanji / Porridge - Healthy Drink

Notes :
Wash barley thoroughly to remove fine dust. You can also add little lemon juice or honey to this porridge.No need to discard cooked barley grains. You can add it directly without grinding to barley water and serve it. Do not store this porridge for long time. Serve it on the same day at room temperature.You can also dry roast barley and grind it to fine powder. And use this flour to prepare Porridge similar to the way we prepare Sattu Maavu Kanji.
Barley Kanji / Porridge - Healthy Drink


mahesh_m2021, 15/03/2021

Very simple , thanks

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Fry the barley in pan until it’s little bit heat and grind it and make it a fine powder, when u want to make kanji just add 2 spoons of power to water and mix it and boil well, kanji is ready, this will be easy.than all these above procedure

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