Kue Nagasari (Steamed Banana Snack)


My husband and I have been craving for some traditional snacks which we normally had back then in our country, Indonesia. We have gazillion kinds of traditional snacks with various main ingredients. This time we wanted to have something sweet and savoury in one package. And the choice went to this banana snack. It was the first time for me to make it (oh how we thankful now for all the convenience we had back then when all we had to do was just walked to the street to buy it and enjoy it right-away. We often just take it for granted, dont we?).
Got the recipe from here, and I made a little modification in quantity.

150g rice flour
200ml thick coconut milk
500ml light coconut milk (or you may dissolve thick coconut milk with some water)
120g granulated sugar
1 pandan leaf
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp salt
3 banana, cut into 6 each
banana leaves for wrapping

Dissolve rice flour in thick coconut milk. Boil the light coconut milk+sugar+pandan leaf+salt and stir occasionally. When boiling, turn down the heat and add the vanilla essence. Pour the rice flour mixture little by little into it and stir instantly until thicken and smooth. Remove from the stove.
Place one Tbsp of the dough on a piece of banana leaf. Then add banana and top it up with another spoon of dough. Wrap it and steam it for 30min. Enjoy it with your afternoon tea.

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