Lettuce Wraps for Lunch

Read this post if....
1. you're hungry
2. it's lunchtime'd like something not as heavy as a sandwich and not as wimpy as a salad
4. you miss Jimmy Johns lettuce wraps (what? you never tried one of their lettuce wraps? Go find one right now. Wait, you can't because you're in NY and Jimmy Johns has yet to make it's way over here? Ok, continue reading...)
5. you want something delicious and cheap
About twenty minutes ago, I was all of the above.  So I decided on lettuce wraps for lunch and am REALLY glad I did.  I think you'll like these!
What you'll need:
Romaine lettuce
Sandwich meat
Sandwich toppings
Yes, these ingredients are purposely vague because this lunch basically just incorporates whatever you have in the fridge or whatever you feel like eating at the moment.
 Start out by cleaning two large romaine leaves
Add some condiments.  On the left leaf I put some spicy mayo (mayo+sriracha) and on the right, some dijon mustard.
Add some meat and/or cheese.  Hard salami on the left, and Swiss on the right.
Now it's time for the toppings!  Add some of whatever you like!  Roasted red peppers, sprouts and more meat! (I used turkey as well on the right one)
More toppings!  Thinly sliced cucumbers on the left, chopped jarred artichokes on the right.
Oh wow. These are good.

Some more ideas, especially for the vegetarians out there: add some avocados, grilled tofu, grilled zucchini, hot or banana peppers....

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