Aloo mangodi ki sabzi - (potato and sun dried split green lentil fritters curry)

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Aloo Mangodi Ki Sabzi - (Potato and Sun Dried Split Green Lentil Fritters Curry)
Main Dish
4 servings
Very Easy
50 min




Preparation30 min
Cook time20 min
  • Use a pressure cooker to cook it for better results.
  • Dry roast mangodis in a pan till they are golden brown and slightly crispy, this will greatly reduce the cooking time of mangodi.Now, in the pressure cook, take oil, add rai, jeera and let them splutter.
  • Add onions, ginger and garlic let them fry till onions become translucent.Add salt, all dry masalas along with kasoori methi and let the mix fry for about a min.Add chopped tomatoes and let it cook for another 2 min.
  • Add potatoes and let it fry for 2 min.Add roasted mangodi, mix well, add enough water for the curry to cook.Let it pressure cook for about 15 min.It doesn't have to be mushy, but not very hard either.
  • Sun drying makes mangodis very hard.If you like the gravy little runny, adjust it to your liking by adding or reducing the amount of water.Serve warm them with roti/paratha.
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