Arroz Caldo or Lugaw (Chicken Congee)

Main Dish
4 servings
18 min
45 min
Very Easy



The other ingredients are pretty basic:


  • Washed the rice properly then drain thoroughly in a fine strainer. Brown it in a wok or pan without oil then set aside.
  • Second,cut chicken up to serving sizes. While the use of cut up whole chicken is excellent, you can always use choice cuts of thighs or drumsticks. Season the chicken with 1 teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon ground pepper and then slowly boiled in a casserole with enough water to cover until just tender. Remove it from the broth and set aside. Strain the broth and set aside as well.
  • Heat about 1 tablespoon vegetable oil in a thick wok or large casserole then fry half of the garlic until crispy. Drain and set aside.
  • In the same casserole, add some more oil and fry the remaining garlic followed by ginger. Add fish sauce, followed by onion and continue frying. Add the slightly browned rice and sauté.
  • Pour the broth in and let it boil with the lid on. Add the chicken cubes and season with salt and pepper. Simmer for about 40-45 minutes or until the rice grains are cooked and puffed. Add in the chicken, leeks and half of the green onions. When it boils again, taste and adjust the seasonings. Add salt or fish sauce if necessary.
  • To make the dish a real killer, add inn some pre-boiled chicken liver and cook for 3 more minutes. Adjust the broth level according to the consistency you like. After a minute, turn off the heat and its done.
  • Ladle into individual serving bowls, top with crispy fried garlic, some more minced scallion or green onion and slices of hard boiled egg (optional) and serve immediately.


Arroz Caldo or Lugaw (Chicken Congee), photo 1
Arroz Caldo or Lugaw (Chicken Congee), photo 2
Arroz Caldo or Lugaw (Chicken Congee), photo 3
Arroz Caldo or Lugaw (Chicken Congee), photo 4


Is this a Portuguese dish?


No, it's a Filipino dish.


Munch44, 05/12/2017

I absolutely loved this . Even the family who thought they wouldnt loved it . Cant wait to try another of these great recipes .. Thanks.

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Wow ha. itsura pa lang masarap nah!

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Kahit hindi ko pa siya natitikman alam kong ito ay talagang masarap...gagawin ko talaga to...

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