Cherupayar thoran /sprouted green gram stir fry

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  • Cherupayar Thoran /Sprouted Green Gram Stir Fry
  • Cherupayar Thoran /Sprouted Green Gram Stir Fry, Photo 2
Recipe type:
Main Dish
Number of serving:
4 servings
15 min
Cook time:
20 min
Ready in:
35 min
Very Easy


- Sprouted green gram/Cherupayar :2 cups
- Onion :1 no (small,chopped)
- Garlic :2 cloves (sliced)
- Grated coconut :1/2 cup
- Fennel seeds :1/2 teaspoon
- Turmeric Powder :1/4 teaspoon
- Green chilies :4 nos
- Curry leaves
- Oil :1 tablespoon


Step 1

How to Sprout :
Clean and wash the green gram/cherupayar/pachai payaru; soak it with sufficient water; keep it for 24 hours.
Next day wash once more and drain the water; put it in a casserole close and keep it aside in cool place.

Step 2

Once in 2 hours sprinkle handful of water; toss slightly and close; within 10 to 12 hours sprouted dal will be ready.
Keep it in refrigerator and use.

Step 3

Method of Preparation :
Cook sprouted green gram/cherupayar with salt and turmeric powder.(Note:Do not over cook) Sprouts get cooked very fast.

Step 4

Heat oil in pan,splutter mustard seeds,add fennel seeds,curry leaves,chopped onion sliced garlic and green chillies.

Step 5

Add the cooked sprouted green gram and combine well.

Step 6

Add grated coconut and cook till done.

Step 7

Serve with rice or chappathi.


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