Mullangi (white radish) rasam

Main Dish
4 servings
20 min
25 min


Number of serving: 4
1 (abt 300g) white radish - remove skin and sliced

1 (abt 150g) tomato - chopped

5 shallots - sliced

5 garlic - chopped

5 dried red chillies

1 stalk coriander leaves - sliced into long pieces

2 stalks spring onions - sliced into smaller pieces

4 tbsp oil

salt to taste


1 tbsp cumin/jintan manis powder

1/2 tbsp coriander/ketumbar powder

1 tsp black pepper powder

1 tsp turmeric/kunyit powder

1 tsp black mustard seeds


  • When oil is heated, saute the shallots, onions and tomatoes to soften (3-4mins)
    Add in all the spices as well as the chillies.
    Keep stirring over low heat until a thick paste forms.
    Add 1/2 liter of water, then the radish and salt to taste.
    Stir all together and continue to simmer until very small bubbles appear.
    Off the heat and add the coriander leaves and spring onion.
    Just a good stir before being served.




Superb! Good for the season of fasting.Thanks for this.

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