Mango Yogurt Verrines

World Cup Cricket fever is all over the news whether on TV, in the newspapers, on FB, blogs? I am not at all a sports person but I still enjoy this sprit and am really happy that finally after a lot of nail biting India has won the World Cup :)? A proud moment for each and every Indian to cherish in their lives? people are celebrating this victory by sharing sweets, bursting fireworks, partying? so I thought I should also celebrate this victory in my own little way with something sweet! Also my little one?s school reopened today after 2 weeks of holidays? he is all set to start a new year with new books, bag, pouch, water bottle etc etc? and I am a little tense how he is going to cope with his studies, who will be his class teacher? Every mom?s little worries?. you got it right??:D?. I know since there is no shuffling in the class his friends will be the same from nursery?little relieved in that matter? but he seems to be really cool :D?Woke up at 5.30 today and he got ready in time and was telling me I am a big boy now? I am going to the 2nd std :D?. oh yes true my little one is growing up?. Wishing him all the success in his studies and today?s post is one of his favorite desserts? a simple Mango Yogurt!

This is a dessert I make almost every week? a healthy and delicious dessert that you can whip up in minutes?.Since I usually make this on a daily basis I do not add gelatin? I just simply layer it with yogurt mix and mango puree in a ramekin or pudding cup??. *I only add gelatin when I serve this in short glasses like I have presented it here so that the layers do not mix together?. Since this is mango season you can use fresh mango puree and in India kids are having vacation so they will enjoy having a bowl of this when they come back tired after playing with their friends!... since this is really easy to make you can even ask them to make it by themselves which I am sure they will enjoy doing!

Mango Yogurt Verrines
(My Own Recipe)
Thick yogurt-2 cups
Sugar-3 tbsp (or to taste)
Vanilla essence-1/2 tsp
Fresh / Frozen Mango puree-1 ½ cups
*Gelatin-2tsp (optional)
Mint leaves, dried cranberries and chocolate to decorate


To make yogurt layer: In a bowl beat yogurt, sugar and vanilla essence. *If adding gelatin, sprinkle 1 tsp gelatin over 1 tbsp water and microwave for 10 seconds and mix it with yogurt mixture.To make mango layer: Peel mangoes and cut the flesh into large pieces and puree it in a blender without adding water. Taste, add sugar if desired. *If adding gelatin, sprinkle 1 tsp gelatin over 1 tbsp water and microwave for 10 seconds and blend it with mango puree.Assembling the Verrines: In small glass or bowl, layer yogurt mixture and mango puree alternatively and chill until set. Decorate with mint leaves, cranberries and chocolates.

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