Chocolate crunch barfi

6 servings
15 min
5 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 6
125 g rich tea biscuits

250 g digestive biscuits

50 g butter

1/2 bowl rice crispies

1/2 bowl cornflakes

50 g desiccated coconut

250 g mixed chopped nuts (almonds/ pista /cashews)

250 g golden syrup

3 tablespoons cocoa

300 g milk chocolate


  • Crush the biscuits and cereal and add chopped nuts and desiccated coconut. Mix
  • Melt the butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup in a pan.
  • Add to biscuit, nut and cereal mixture, and mix thoroughly till everything is coated.
  • Place mixture in a greased thali, press it to pack it tightly in the thali, smoothing it out and leave to set.
  • Melt the chocolate and pour over the set mixture.
  • Leave to set, once set cut in slices and enjoy.


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