Homemade pickle (tursu)

1 servings
15 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 1


red cabbace

green pepper


unripe melon

20-25 cloves garlic

200 g vinegar

1 tea glass mineral salt (around 70 g

water (fill the can)


  • Wash your vegetables and fruits , put in can after garlic,vinegar, mineral salt, and the last fill all the can with water, if the water is good, fresh ;it is better.
  • Also one of the important point is salt, it should be mineral salt which is thick ,and amount of it for 5 lt can 70 g is enough, if you add too much salt.
  • Your "tursu" will be so salty and you may not able to eat and if you add less salt ,the tursu can be spoiled.
  • After you add all ingredients ,close the can cover very well.. It shouldnt touch to air. At least 15 days DONT OPEN it.
  • Keep it cool and dry place, also keep it away from sunshine. after 15 days open it and serve with your dinner.


Homemade Pickle (Tursu), photo 1
Homemade Pickle (Tursu), photo 2


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