Keerai / Spinach Masiyal

This recipe can be done with any variety of spinach but I recommend Mulai keerai ( Amarnath leaves)
2 servings
10 min
20 min



For Tempering:


  • Preparation:

    Discard the stem and take the leaves alone from the mulai keerai. If the stem is not too thick then you can use the stem also.

    Wash the keerai nicely to remove any impurities from it.

    Chop the keerai finely and keep aside.

    Chop onion, tomato, chilli and garlic to pieces.
  • Method:

    Pressure cook keerai with onion, tomato, garlic and green chilli with turmeric and less water.

    Beat the cooked keerai in a hand beater or blender. Mash it to a fine paste.

    Heat the keerai again and add salt. Add some more water if required.

    In a pan add oil, when hot add mustard seeds.

    When mustard splutters add chana dhal, urad dhal, red chillis, Asafotedia, curry leaves and sauté till it turns brown.

    Pour it over the mashed keerai.

    Serve it with hot steamed riceJ See you in another recipe!


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