Simple steamed fatt kuih @ brown sugar fatt kuih (flour)

4 servings
20 min
30 min
Very Easy




  • Combine ingredients (A) and leave aside for 10 mins.- combine ingredients (B) and dissolve sugar over medium heat untill just about boiling.
  • Leave ingredients (B) cool for about 15 mins. Combine ingredients (A), (B) & (C) together and mix well. Leave the mixture proof for 3-4 hours.
  • Preheat steamer in medium heat.- the mixture will look very fluffy & moist. Stir batter before divide into small cups for steaming.
  • Use a pair of scissors slightly coated the edges with cooking oil. Then make a cross cut through each cups. Coat the scissors with cooking oil before each cuttings.
  • Finally, steam for 30 mins over medium high heat. Not medium & not high, it's in between. The steaming heat is very important. It helps to give you more bigger smile on your fatt kuih.

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