Stir fried kai-lan (chinese broccoli) in oyster sauce

Stir Fried Kai-Lan (Chinese Broccoli) In Oyster Sauce
3 servings
Very Easy
25 min




Preparation15 min
Cook time10 min
  • Boil 3 cups of water in a pan and once the water is boiling, add the drops of oil and kai-lan inside.
    Stir and after about 2-3 mins, drain out the water.
    Immediately submerge into cold water to stop the cooking process.
    Drain again and keep aside, ensure all the water is complete dripped out.
    Heat the 3 tbsp of olive oil and when heated, add shrimps and fry to a crunchy texture.
    Goes in the garlic, stir for another 2-3 mins.
    Pour in oyster sauce and balsamic vinegar
    Continue to stir to blend all the ingredients together.
    Pour the sauce on top of the kai-lan and serve immediately.
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