Yam rolls (vegetarian)

5 servings
30 min
25 min



430g yam - remove skin and diced. Steam till soft and let it cool down. Add in:


  • Mash and mix the yam with all the ingredients as stated in "A".
    Heat 2 tbsp of oil and when heated, put in the capsicum, onion and chillies.
    Stir to soften for abt 3-4 Min's, after which add the rest of ingredients stated in "B".
    Continue to stir and remove once it become a thick and sticky.
    Allow to cool down first.
    Take portions of the yam paste, roll into a ball, press in the center and put in the filling.
    Seal and roll again into a ball shape.
    Continue the same for the rest of the paste and filling.
    Once done, dip into the egg, coat with the bread crumbs, again over the egg and one more time over the bread crumbs (double coating on both ingredients)
    Deep fry until the color becomes golden brown.
    Drain on a kitchen towel and serve with some chilly sauce drizzled over (optional)


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